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🌼🐾 Güera: A Golden Heart Awaiting a Golden Opportunity 🐾🌼


Sex: Female (Spayed)

Age: 2.5 Years

Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs)

Breed: Mix (Golden Retriever and Labrador)


Meet Güera, the embodiment of resilience and joy—a gorgeous Golden Retriever-Labrador mix with a lush light golden coat and a heart full of hope. At three years old and a sturdy 23 kilograms (51 pounds), she carries the gentle soul of a Retriever and the genial spirit of a Labrador, creating a perfect blend of kindness and companionship.


Güera's tale is one of survival; a once cherished house pet who faced the hardships of abandonment, left to fend for herself and her canine companion on the unforgiving streets. Through her ordeal, where she sadly lost her friend, Güera emerged not with bitterness, but with an even greater capacity for love and trust.

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This loving girl is spayed, fully vaccinated, and arrives with a clean bill of health. Güera is the epitome of a good-natured canine, with a medium energy level that fits perfectly into most family dynamics. Her social butterfly nature (with people and dogs) makes her the ideal addition to a loving household that values the joyful essence of dog companionship.

Güera's leash manners are impeccable, making her the perfect walking buddy, whether you're exploring city streets or country trails. Her intelligence shines through her amber eyes, eager to learn and please, which makes further training an enjoyable journey for both of you. After a day full of exploration and play, Güera is happy to settle down, share some quiet moments, and recharge for the next day's activities. 🐾🌼

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