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Dog of the Week (May 30, 22): Dominic


Dominic is a handsome four-year-old who is part Bluetick Coonhound—a strong, athletic breed that thrives with plenty of exercise. An energetic young dog who often looks like he’s smiling, Dominic has beautiful brown eyes, and his ears are velvety soft. And he has the typical Bluetick Coonhound coat—colorful, spotted, and strikingly beautiful. He weighs about 24 kilos (53 pounds).

Prior to being rescued, Dominic was chained and living on a roof for a year without shade or shelter. Although he managed to survive, he had developed mange plus a paralyzing fear of fireworks and sudden loud noises. He was also afraid to trust. After being rescued, Dominic often cowered when someone reached out to pet him. But like so many rescued dogs, he’s amazingly resilient and forgiving—and his life is definitely getting better!

For the past year, Dominic has been lovingly fostered in a home with other dogs. He’s learning to trust, beginning to overcome his fears, and experiencing new social situations. In a loving forever home, Dominic will continue to thrive, and will blossom into the happy, confident dog he was meant to be.

Dominic needs lots of exercise, and loves running and playing with other dogs. He’ll do well as an only dog, or in a home with a female dog or smaller male. He’s curious, energetic, and adores exploring, and will be a wonderful companion for hiking and outdoor adventures. Despite his difficult beginning in life, Dominic is a friendly, fun-loving, affectionate young dog. He’s now ready for his forever home and family—and he just wants to love and be loved!

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