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Dog of the Week (June 6, 22): Panda


Looking for a big hairy lover boy with piercing blue eyes? Panda is your man! Panda is the quintessential gentle giant who so very much wants to have a home again.

Panda was one-half of a very bonded pair, but his girlfriend Paloma was recently adopted. Hooray for Paloma, but boohoo for Panda. Like so many previous family dogs who find themselves turned out into the street through no fault of his own, Panda has struggled somewhat to adjust to life in a kennel. He stares longingly at all passersby, and vocalizes his frustration at being penned up. When he is taken out for a walk though, he snuggles happily with his walker. He’s not a puller when on leash, which is a nice feature in a giant dog!

Panda seems to be a mélange of European high-country breeds such as Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees and/or St Bernard. This resulted in his adorable and unique markings that earned him the moniker “Panda.” Panda weighs in at approximately 38 kilos (84 pounds), so a pocket pet he is not… We estimate that he is about 5 years old, so he already has the wisdom of some years under his belt.

Panda is pining to be a house dog again. Picture Panda curled up in front of your fireplace on a chilly winter’s night. How cozy is that?! For those of you big dog lovers out there, Panda is all you could ask for and more!

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