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​2020 - Year in Review​

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

​"Dogs are amazing creatures.They give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive." - Gilda Radner

2020 has been difficult for everyone. There may be a silver lining, however: our challenges have forced us to remember what really matters, the simple things that make life worth living -- especially each other. We who work at SOS Chapala DOG Rescue, who struggle together to create from scratch a refuge for abused and abandoned dogs, marvel at how resilient they are; how, in spite of everything they've endured this year, they've remained happy, friendly, and so appreciative of anything and everything we do for them. Theirs is basic, enduring wisdom, which we are only remembering, which they never forgot. They teach us much.

Jul. 14 - Chapala Mayor, Moisés Anaya Aguilar, presided over the the opening of the Refugio Canino Municipal, our very own SOS Chapala DOG Rescue. Guadalajara Reporter covered the event.

Nov. 21 - With a few dogs flying up North to the United States and Canada recently, we have now re-homed 30 dogs since we opened.

Dec. 8 -Four more dogs were flown North to Washington State for adoption.

Dec. 16 - SOS Chapala DOG Rescue and Municipality of Chapala formally forged an agreement to maintain operations of the dog shelter on a permanent basis. Guadalajara Reporter covered the event.

Dec. 30 - After a few weeks of hard work and dedication from volunteers, we officially launched this new website. We hope our friends and supporters will find it informative and helpful.

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