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About Us

SOS Chapala DOG Rescue is a non-profit volunteer-driven dog rescue organization based in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. Our dogs have been rescued by the Ecology Department of the Chapala Municipality whose goal is to end animal cruelty.


Most of the dogs that come to us at SOS have suffered from traffic accidents, disease, cruelty, abuse, or abandonment. We take them to a vet for assessment and to develop a treatment plan to ensure their successful recovery, including their rehabilitation, vaccination, and sterilization. Then, we try to find them a new, loving "forever" home. The amazing thing we've noticed is that, in spite of all these dogs have suffered, they are incredibly resilient, remaining friendly, loving, and oh-so appreciative of everything we do for them.


Lakeside Friends of Animals has generously helped us so far with food and vet care. In the future, however, we must rely almost entirely on the generosity and support from donors like you. Every penny you give will go directly to improving the lives of these dogs.

At this time, rescued dogs are accepted exclusively from the Chapala Department of Ecology.

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“Rescue does not mean damaged. It means they have been let down by humans."
Two Homeless Puppies
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our mission

SOS Chapala DOG Rescue Legacy--Uniting for Paws: Fostering partnerships among animal welfare groups and volunteers, our mission is to eradicate animal cruelty and control canine overpopulation in Chapala and neighboring areas through awareness, sterilization drives, active advocacy, and the rescue of abandoned and abused animals.

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