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Rescued dogs are accepted exclusively from the Chapala Department of Ecology
​Mexican Street Dogs, My Favorite Breed

by David Ellison

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Life is always full of surprises, ever leading me to experiences, people, and places I never could have imagined. In fact, just four years ago, I’d not even contemplated the prospect of retiring in Mexico, but here I am.

Similarly, I was deathly allergic to dogs when I grew up. Now I am a volunteer shift-leader here at SOS Chapala DOG Rescue, hugging all sorts of canines, large and small, short-haired and long. And, while I used to have no patience for Chihuahuas or Pit Bulls, now they’re among my favorites. Go figure...

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​Dog of Week

by Edgar Antonio

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Some of us at the shelter gave Diesel a nickname: Lazarus. He contracted Parvo, an awful disease that is often fatal to puppies. We sent him to the vet, hoping against hope, but heard nothing. And so we assumed the worst, and grieved. With his friendly, outgoing demeanor, Diesel had been loved by all.

Then, out of the blue, Diesel returned to us, as bouncy and energetic as ever. (He' s named after a fuel, after all!) Now we love him even more. Indeed, he is the picture of health. Just look at his lovely coat and expressive, beautiful eyes! Diesel is about 5 months old, currently weighing 9 kilos, or close to 20 pounds. We expect him to be a medium-sized dog when fully grown. Perhaps a Pointer mix, his short white hair forms the perfect background for his large chocolate spots and his chocolate-dipped head. He' s irresistible!

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